Saturday, May 29, 2004

Barefoot Doctor Bit: Is It OK To Break State Laws You Disagree With?

Barefoot Doctor: "Generally you should do all you can to obey the state laws as these are implicitly conditional in you accepting to be a citizen. You can always leave if you don't like or agree with the laws and move somewhere where you like the laws better.

Without laws and the underlying threat of force to deter non-compliance, society would swiftly degenerate into total chaos, especially regarding laws concerning violating another person or their property in any way.

However laws relating to your own personal behaviour such as what drugs you take, are obviously something people adhere to at their own discretion, adding the proviso that they're not careless or unfortunate enough to get caught.

The rule of thumb is to respect the world of law (on the grounds of its usually healthy overall social regulating function plus implicit threat) while avoiding it if at all possible (it being rather smelly, dull and dreary to get involved with). Or in other words, try not to break too many laws if you can possibly help it though if you do, apply discretion, stealth, good sense and respect for other people and their property. And most importantly, don't get caught."

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