Saturday, May 22, 2004

well thursday was a washout too... woken by dawn chorus (?) tired & achy all over...brain fog, plus feverish feeling. Could it be down to walk on tuesday or someething I ate?

Anyway,Thusday morning I had to go back to bed & take 2 co-prox after P went to work & slept till 10.30, got sweet FA else done apart from bus to Nettos stop & walk around town in a daze.

Thursdays Menu
Huevos revueltos
Fruit & nuts
organic salmon & green beans with tomato & garlic
2 glasses red wine.
Made one cup of black tea but only drank 2-3 mouthfulls & forgot about it...bought herbal detox tea from spiceman on wed...getting to quite like it.

Friday woke 4am again but made myself go back to sleep, woke 6 with back/ shoulder/ headache...

Menu du Jour:

Breakfast: Hot water & lemon & 2 co-prox & aches eased @ 8.30 + 1pt salty water
Tortilla de espinacas y ajo, juice - celery & orange/grapefruit
Finished the salmon & beans for tea.

met Pete @ lunchtime after Osteo visit & both took the afternoon off.

Michael (Osteo) worked a bit on my back, shoulder & neck & talked a lot about colonic cleansing & his fuure plans. Suggested monthly visit.

I started with a mineral water the 4 1/2 beers plus extra water. Pete omitted the water & had 5 pints & no food ... he woke with bad headache when Greta rang to say Dad was "wandering" bell rings for end of break, get round there....H was in fine form, told us he had walked almost as far as the circus @ the rugby club but got bored & came back. I also felt fine & was up for a visit to the crown on way home but Pete just wanted to get to bed ...still had headache so I had a small whisky & lemonade & messed about on computer. Went to bed about midnight, woke early -4 am - read 7 dozed till 6 then up ...


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