Monday, January 17, 2005


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Dettol baths

Sunday evening a memory of frequently being bathed in Detoll came to me. I have no idea what triggered it nor my mothers motives for doing such a thing.

I asked Pete if had ever been treated similarly which seemed to make him very uncomfortable and really lost for words. He eventually mumbled something about maybe once after some injuries. Not very convincingly.

The rash on my arms is quite noticable today - too much chocolate? The Xmas diversions from my diet regime are proving difficult to put right, carb and sugar cravings being very strong. I also managed just one alcohol free day last week, well, suppose if I aim for 2 this week then 3 next I will get to a position where a couple of drinks a couple of days a week will be sustainable. With our habits it is hard.

Monday, January 10, 2005


"By three methods we may learn wisdom. First, by reflection, which is
noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience,
which is the bitterest." -- Confucius

So true, even mother now actually asks if all the years of ill health could have been avoided if she had not persisted with feeding me dairy products, Although of course she does take any responsibilty herself stating that nobody knew any different and "THEY" did not help her - all despite knowing dad was brought up on goats milk.

I don't have time to waste on being bitter and asking what could have been so onwards with the quest for health..

Second gym session due on Wednesday, the initial assessment showed I am mostly ok apart from lung capacity so will monitor that.

The blood tests for prenicious aneamia were negative so now it is 6 months of almost teetotel to see if that clears the dodgy blood test results.

I must also get back to the Patrick Holford diet advice and juicing as I have scoffed way too much of all the wrong stuff over xmas..