Thursday, May 20, 2004

Woke feeling like I have a hangover, aching joints, esp shoulder & IBS still niggling ( rabbit pellets) booze yesterday though so was it the walk into town? or something I ate?

Took 45mins to walk to town, resisted catching the bus 1/2 way but had to have a rest on the stone sign...stich & phone calls & got just one blister ... felt overwhelming fatigue after dinner & had to lie down on bench in garden.& pass on going to Petes dads with him...

Breakfast..juice, mushrooms & 2 small slices rye bread, hot lemon water, 1 cup of tea..
blackcurrent & soda at Masons
Some nuts

Dinner chicken breast with white wine, herbs, mushrooms & shallots... & one potato..

Amazing occurance...Pete agreed to order new sofas...from Argos but hope thay should be lovely...30 days delivery though.

Hi G,

Hope you don't thhink I was being ignorant not replying to your get well type message below but didnt really want to copy Lynton etc in.

The osteopath worked a miracle getting rid of the pain that had kept me awake for 2 weeks looking & feeling like Edward Munch's screamer....nice! Really wierd though that daylight hours it went away....

He also proved a treasure trove of information about the ongoing underlying problem ( fibromyalgia) which as well as chronic fatigue, if am having a bad day the aches etc are a bit like the beer monster has been jumping up & down on me ( highly unlikely given the lowly intake of 4 units of alcohol the past 10 days) or a bad dose of full on flu....fingers, nipples, everything aches, painkillers don't do much but the brain fog also makes it near impossible to think so making me feel pretty useless.

Anyway, visit again tomorrow, am making further diet changes & at least the severe pain has gone...

Enjoy the beach life


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Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 10:34 AM
Subject: RE: Area descriptions

We need this job doing pretty smartish. Lynton has been briefed and I would have thought that the key phrases at area level would be self-selecting (i.e. biggies from the localities). HOWEVER, I demur to your superior knowledge on this matter – if you think it will be worth your time creating and Lynton’s time wading through a more detailed guide, then go for it. Though I would have thought just getting something reasonable in there quickly was the way to go.

Life in Be-right-on is cool (well actually quite warm actually) and it felt slightly strange going to the beach again – it’s not something I thought I’d ever do in England. Hope you are recovered – I only got sketchy details from Mike, but it didn’t sound at all pleasant, so do take care of yourself.

Must dash, let me know what you think about descriptions…

From: J [Sent: 18 May 2004 10:19
To: G
Subject: Re: Area descriptions

Hi G...

Were the quick tips re writing keywords & descriptions enough to be getting on with or do you want a step by step in depth guide with links to resources?

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From: g
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Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 12:40 PM
Subject: Area descriptions

Hi J,

L is going through writing the descriptions for the area index pages (example: They have a maximum of 600 characters. Any tips for writing from the SEO perspective?

Ta and hope you are feeling better now.


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