Friday, May 14, 2004

PAge as taken to osteopaths today...seems I have a problem with bottom 3 ribs left back which are causing the pain...also seems really clued up re fibro & stategies for coping & improving - main first one to cut out the soya milk as it causes problems for many people. Also mentioned loads of other possibilities inc jkeep up water intake but filter it & add 1/4 tsp maldon sea salt for minerals, take a mega vitamin supplement to inc vit c...more to follow.

So shall see if any improvment in sleep tonight & other stuff over time...heres my spec..
Severe pain left flank past two weeks, at night only – wakes me up, typically within 2 hours of going to bed & then cannot sleep again, cannot stay in bed… Pain alleviated by standing, moving. Made tolerable by seat pad (heat & vibrating massage) diclofenac eventually kicks I think. Doesn’t happen if manage to sleep during day. EG Thursday asleep 2 hours 3pm – 5pm with no pain.
Every night
Dothiepin 150mg antidepressant
Zirtek antihistamine

As needed
Mebeverine – very rarely since dairy free

Recent history:

Diagnosed fibromyalgia April – upper torso T- shirt of pain, tired, tired, tired, joint/ muscle pains, brain fog…….advice…to exercise – whatever suits, minimal alcohol, keep a diary… explains history of joint pains, numbness, tingling, weakness etc?

Also visual disturbance said to be classic migraine. ( Had frequent full 2-3 day migraines with vomiting, pain etc until given beta blockers during final exams at Uni 1990. rare reoccurrence since of full type but visual problems ~ past 4 years.

4 * antibiotics January on…
2 for mouth abscesses – erythromycin, Metrodiazanole
2 for UTI – Trimethoprim?

Novocaine injection right shoulder for tendonitis after 6months of futile physio – exercise & ultrasound

· Mirena coil – 21/2 years, side effects are wonderful for alleviating PMS & associated worsening of all aches & pains
· Chest infection after holiday in Greece October 2003
· Polyp removed from bowel following ~2 years severe digestive problems ..IBS & sickness & diarrhoea. Dairy problems became apparent, switch to soya & dairy free made huge difference.
· Major endogenous depression 1990(?) … hospital 6months. Curtailed post graduate studies
· Allergic to penicillin

He also recommended a couple of books & websites...

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