Tuesday, April 26, 2005

All change: test results & new meds

Headline news has to be that one of my blood tests - blood count ...aka stcky red blood cells whatsts - showed some improvment according to Dr B, though exactly what that means I do not have a clue. Alas the liver enzyme result showed no change BUT I have to admit to not being able to cut my alcohol intake as muchas intended....anyaway onwards as there have been other changes that may prove majorly major in the long term.

Sub-headline news being that amongst other changes (details to follow) I am to start some heavyweight counselling for my long standing issues mainly re relationship with mother and still visceral reaction to Uncle John's abuse of Susie...updates to follow. This arose from a session with CBT specialist as part of new attempts by NHS and our surgery in particular to provide better care for long term mental health patients.

The initial session was pretty gruelling but that is to be expected I suppose. Until I get appointment for full on stuff I am to see the CBT lady which is OK by me and return to see GP in one month for sick note and to review new meds mentioned. The change was sanctioned by the Psychiatrist now attached to the surgery who also suggested I keep an alcohol diary...

Anti depressents now are 30mg Mirtazapine, seem to already be sleeping a bit better but have developed slight incontinence..more dreams and headaches. Early days though and am hopeful although sure it is going to be rocky road...again.

Have been off work something like 2 months now ( time memory as hazy as ever) and still feel knackered, maybe better weather will give some lift. I have been v remiss about the gym but the last month seems to have been spent waiting for various forms of workmen for the bathroom and kitchen which are still half done, only three months behind schedule but at least I am here I suppose.