Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bought a pair of trainers yesterday, intention being to walk to town as often as possible...

Have been keeping to the water & salt "cure" & diet changes but 2 days of work see me knackered & achy again. 2 beers tuesday evening knocked me out, not helped by Pete having a full scale moaning paddy about the changes at work...early night. He woke me 4am going to toilet & couldnt get back to sleep. Dawn chorus woke me today & ditto.

Risked some ice cream with strawberries last night ... result a visual migraine at 10pm bed time, great...

Tue/ Wed
grilled mushrooms with 1 slice grilled bacon 1 slice rye bread, juice, aspargus, ham, salad.
One cup of normal tea only, rest green tea or water & lemon.Fresh fruit juices

IBS has been making itself noticed...cramps, rabbit pellets & bloated plus sore bum..what fun

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