Sunday, May 23, 2004

7am Sunday morning....

Tired yesterday morning, went to town for couple of beers & a bet then home for a bed picnic of tesco ready roasted spare ribs & barbecued then sleep.

Pete reckoned he would never buy that food again.. the flavour lingered & made him feel sick...i agree, it is probably full of additives..flavour colour etc. Lemon salt water helped him feel a little better.

Anyway, libido showed a glimmer after much effort. Fell asleep 6.30ish but woke midnight with back-ache (unaccustomed bed exercise???) Pete got up for a while also, watched J Ross then he went back to bed.

I stayed up till 4 & sorted out problem with BT yahoo mail ...login changed & all mail dumped in bulk box....didnt miss anything terribly important. Wages still not through from Monday invoice & no sign of de Bossman....emailed & voice mailed....


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