Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sunny Wednesday

and I have woken up knackered...

Nothing much to report from Dr's visit except that she signed me off for two months. Just keep on doing what I am doing..gym, eat healithly and not partake of the demon drink maintaining that drink is the likely cause of all my aches pains and tiredness... no mention of fibromyalgia. Next blood test end of June.

Have to admit to having indulged in a few more refined carbs than is probably good for me - joints today feel like pin cushions.

BLT - bum, leg, tum - class was a sweaty one yesterday but new gym is a huge improvment on the council and works out cheaper as the monthly £28 includes any classes I want to do and use of sauna.

P is continuing to be very supportive, he has only had three and a half pints of beer in the past few weeks.

Already fretting about mothers visit next week and all the questions I still have.

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