Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday, still dry

And that's not the weather which has thrown hail and thunder at us the past couple of days, but me. Achieved despite still feeling grim - low mood, uptight and pointless plus all the usual aches and pains. Knees are particularly exquisite this morning if you go for that sort of thing. Going upstairs is a chore but should feel better as the day goes by. Best time by far seems to be evenings for both mood and physical stuff...

However I took both co-prox and diclofenic at bedtime ...11 pm-ish, and fingers crossed, they seemed to help me sleep better, nightmares woke me and toilet trips but not pain or sweats so I will repeat tonight and hope

Seems I find the no booze far, far easier than does P, on his mind constantly although he has really made an effort the past couple of days.

Knackered all day, early night - 9pm


Zero alcohol
UK tea...
Blackcurrant & soda X 3 at Green Tree

Mushrooms and rye toast for breakfast

Roast chicken, stuffing, cabbage, peas and 2 small new potatoes

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