Friday, May 06, 2005

Dentists day

P is off with me today for a trip to the Dentists. He is still saying that he is up for no booze for at least this weekend....

Good news is I slept much better last night only waking a couple of times - needed toilet - and also because of bad dreams. Bad news still feel like shite, knackered, achey and dis-cordinated.

Definite problems navigating the pavement traffic yesterday on top of dyslexic writing stuff (numbers and words) wrong words coming out my mouth or not finding words I want to say, eg names of people I know well...clumsiness and return of slight incontinence.

Looked at glasses as P needs new pair, made appt for me as I am overdue and also still worry about blurred vision and the visual disturbances Dr B thinks are visual migraines...buggers sto me doing anything much although it is a bonus that I no longer get pain and sickness with migraines...although have had a sub-migraine headache now for what feels like months but is probably only a few ca change...

Did finally ring my mother after putting it off cos of S not wanting her to know and give her hard time about breaak up...also finally told her I am off work and about meds change and upcoming therapy. Got the usual "lets hope they find out what is wrong with you....end for now.

Todays Menu

No alcohol

Spinach & garlic omelette for breakfast

Americano coffee & cantucinni biscuit at The Cafe

Cauliflower cheese ( soya spread for fat. soya milk, non dairy parmesan cheese.)

Pear & nuts
Tea, herb teas, water...painkillers (co-prox) for headache, joint and muscle pains.

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