Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dry Tues & Wed

Somehow have not had time to update the past couple of days, must be all the appointments, new gym regime and maybe the good weather.

Back to see CBT nurse tuesday, seemed a little more sympathetic but still very keen to get me to the heavy counselling ASAP. She rang to ask and appointment is 16 weeks away. Conclusion today seemed to be keep on with more of the same, no alcohol although wine with meals on holiday got the nod, perhaps consider increased the anti depressants dose and that all my aches and pains are due to stress.

When I described the joint pains as "people sticking needles into me" the hallucinations/ schizo alarm visibly went off with her immediatly asking me who is sticking pins in me so I had to explain that is merely my description of the pains in my joints. Wonder what she would make of my T-Shirt of pain? A hair shirt perhaps???

I have signed up at the Ladies only gym and am confident that it is a good move. I feel much more at ease there and all classes are included in the monthly fee so it works out cheaper than the council gym & classes.

Have to go and choose some glasses today, my left eye is very short sigted. Hope they will help me line up the printer.

Hayfever is full on, had to buy anti-histamine eye drops, instant relief from swelling, running and pain.

Have kept to low carb - sweats and fibro pains are improving although feel 99% knackered.

Met P after gym/ work yesterday, he was obviously gagging for a pint so suggested it and went to Flea pit - blackcurrant for me - found it difficult that he seemed to want to stay longer than me especially after he accused me of being sarcastic when I tried to thank him for his support which had made possible a good day for me yesterday. Fair bit of "edge" wafting off him.

Our dentist really let himself down badly with his comments about the stains on my teeth having been there for years so the hygenist shouldn't be too bothered about them. To me that sums up the attitude of many in the health service.

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