Saturday, May 07, 2005

It's Saturday

4.30pm and just got round to starting this entry cos still fell like crap despite no alcohol since last Sunday.

Someone somewhere must have my voodoo doll out and is sticking long hot needles into my elbows, neck and wrists. They are also stretching and twanging rubber bands up my forearms. My pelvis is still stiff and I waddle untill they loosen up.

Mood is pretty snappy and low...easily weepy.

Had a poor nights sleep last night, went to bed ~ 11pm after P got back from H's and started waking waking regularly from midnight on, gave up and got up and 5.30 am, no way could I have got back to sleep but can feel the different depth of tiredness today.

P went to town for bits of shopping so have had v quiet day, were hoping to go for a walk but weather has turned stormy. Good news is that he offerred to buy himself soft drinks for his lunch hour to try to knock pints on the head. No real prompting from me for that one...


English sausage, tinned toms, bacon and egg.

Finished cauli cheese for lunch....

Not hungry later when made dinner for P so had a couple of pears and handful of nuts. Maybe too much cauli as guts were rolling and gurgling alarmingly but mebeverine seems to be keeping irritable bowel symptoms to a minimum number of dashes a day.

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