Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday, still dry

Zero alcohol Thursday, Friday, Saturday and have still felt shite.

Mainly joint pain and sheer bone tiredness with low mood and sweats still. It really is such an effort to do anything...steeled myself to go to town yesterday with P as there was a fair bit of shopping needed and both thought getting out would be good for me.

My short fuse and extreme touchiness was a problem as he seemed to jump down my throat every time I said anything. But shopping done and a coffee and 2 blackcurrants for me two pints and an italian lager for him...things settled down, Maybe because he seemed to take on board how worried I am that my lack of libido along with the whole situation is going to destroy us.

Have been keeping to low carb, high fruit and veg apart from chinese take away treat last night but am probably drinking too much tea.

I must get things done ready for holidays...

Rizla quote: "Relax: the only person you can control is yourself."

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