Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday....3 weeks, no booze...

...and still feel shit.

Bone tired, all sorts of joint and muscle pains, hayfever and now weepy every morning.

Being nagged to go back to docs ASAP...

Mother visiting Wednesday.

Weekend was difficult, went to Thirsk races so as to do something different and stay out of the flea pit what's the first thing P wants when we get to town and no taxi available... a drink in the flea pit, and then he couldnt understand why it was torture to me ..he asked so I told him and he didnt like it. Anyway, I stuck to blackcurrant then and on Sunday in the local - despite his "hints" that a drink might relax me.

Bloody hayfever on top!

Off to the gym to do (gentle) circuits - must take painkillers first.

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