Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fibromialgia. Web de Alfred Blasi

Fibromialgia. Web de Alfred Blasi: "Fibromylagia is a recognised DISEASE by the WHO in 1992 and classified under the ICD-10 ( International Classification of Disease) with the code M-709.

Copenhagens definition of 1993 says: Fibromaylgia is a painful widespread condition not articulated, that concerns predominantly the muscular zones and presents an exagerated sensibility in multiple predefined points.

Fibromyalgia has been recognised since 1994 in the International Association for the study for pain (IASP) and is classified with the code x33 x8a.

Here are some of the tests that they should run which are very important and that are not normally done.

According to many specialists, 40% of the patients diagnosed as fibromylagia are actually another still not studied disease. Therefore the confirmation of the diagnosis is fundamental on the part of one or more Rheumatologists. There are many diseases that in the beginning can produce the same symptoms as Fibromyalgia e.g. (Sclerosis and Leukemia) there are other diseases and alterations which are with almost complete certainty not analised in fibromyalgic patients.

These are the names of the ailments:
Rheumatic Arthritis
Lupus Eritematosa Systemic
Sjoergen’s Syndrome
Subclinical deificiency of Vitamin D with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
Miopathic Hypothryoid
Sindrome of Antifosfolipidos Antibodies
Antipolymers Antibodies
Arthrosis from bad ergonomic conditions at work or in their lives
Multiskeletal Contractions due to mental stress
Osteopenia for anovulaction or a deficit Luteinic phase
Miopathias from viral diseases(SFC) Syndrome of affectation neuromuscular
Miopathias Mitocondrial due to chemical substances
chronic fatigue due to Anemia or Iron deficiency
Rheumatic Polimialgia and temporary Athritis
Autoimmune Mellitus Diabetes
Adrenal diseases autoimmune
poisoning from heavy metals of any type e.g. Mercury etc etc and then on the other hand apparently all endocrinological diseases can affect and cause pain in the muscles."


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