Monday, September 12, 2005

ECT lasting effects

Last week my psychotherapist mentioned the possibility of my suffering lasting effects from the ECT.....I know my memory is not what is was before, at Durham friends used to jokingly/jealously accuse me of having a photographic memory...I was able to remember the book, its place in the library, the page and exact quote pertaining to the topic discussed for example. Amongst other problems I often cannot remember having read a book or seen a film until well into it. Words I wish to write emerge jumbled from the pen. Dates and names are very very problematic.

Response to UK mental health bill: "'Williams (1941) has shown that the E.E.G. may remain abnormal for many years after a head injury and has demonstrated a relationship between E.E.G. abnormalities and the severity of the injury, as judged by the length of post-traumatic amnesia.' ('Electro-Encephalographic Studies of Psychopathic Personalities,' Denis Hill and Donald Watterson, J. Neurol. and Psychiat., 5-6, 1942-3)"

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