Sunday, November 09, 2014

Professor-Surgeon team headed to third phase clinical trials for Fibromyalgia treatment

Hopefully a very promising trial.. Anti viral and anti-immflammatory combination “Not only that, but many of his patients began having symptoms when they were teenagers, and their symptoms would get worse in times of stress, which seems to indicate a virus. He talked to his mom, who was a virologist, and they thought the symptoms might be caused by a herpes virus because once you have that virus, you have it for life.” So Pridgen began asking his patients if they would be interested in taking an antiviral medication, Famvir, which prevents various strains of herpes viruses from replicating. Desperate for a solution and with nothing to lose, many of his patients agreed. Some of these very same patients also had symptoms of arthritis, for which Pridgen would give them samples of the anti-inflammatory drug Celebrex. “Those who took the antiviral came back to his office and admitted they felt better, but not 100 percent better,” Duffy said. “The patients who took both drugs, however, came back and said everything was better. Their fibromyalgia was gone. Their chronic fatigue was gone. Their headaches were gone. All of these things had cleared up. When the first few patients approached him, he thought it was a fluke, but as more and more and more patients said the same thing, he knew it couldn’t be a coincidence.”

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