Friday, April 30, 2010

Strong stuff, Annette Whittemores Testimony for CFSAC Meeting May 10, 2010

Facebook | Whittemore Peterson Institute: Annette Whittemores Testimony for CFSAC Meeting May 10, 2010

All interested should read the full testimony but I want to highlight this paragraph about our plight due to woeful neglect..

Whittemore Peterson Institute
Testimony of Annette Whittemore
April 25, 2010

" Seek congressionally mandated research dollars that more closely
match the number of individuals impacted by the disease and the
severity of the illness. Millions of Americans are ill with ME and yet
the NIH allocates a mere $1.00 to $4.00 per year per person. The loss
in economic dollars is conservatively estimated to be $9 billion per
year. With that kind of economic loss to our society, why isn’t this
disease funded at the level of hepatitis C which is currently at $93
million a year? Patients diagnosed with ME also suffer from
inflammatory bowel disease, cognitive impairment, fibromyalgia,
anemia, gall bladder disease, chronic Lyme disease, sleep disorders,
chronic pain, depression, hormonal dysregulation, frequent viral
infections, heart disease, and cancer. Yet these sick Americans are
forced to seek unproven medical treatments for symptomatic relief due
to the lack of scientific understanding of the underlying immune
deficiency that is driving this disease. "

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