Thursday, October 22, 2009

European Commission answers a question on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

They exist, hurrah!!!!

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Questions parlementaires

Answer given by Ms Vassiliou
on behalf of the Commission

As the Commission has indicated in its replies to written questions E
4898/08 by Mr Kilroy-Silk, E 6262/08 by Mr Popa and E-3734/09 by Mr Higgins
, the nature of the two disorders, Fibromyalgia and the Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome (CFS), have been, during years, controversially discussed. This
situation had given rise to major differences of opinion concerning the
ability of fibromyalgia and CFS patients to work, and to their entitlement
to social security benefits. In such context of scientific controversy, it
was difficult for the Commission to promote actions related to these
diseases. Nowadays it appears as an established and accepted fact that these
syndromes are genuine, severe and incapacitating disorders, even if
controversies remain, and even if there are still discussions in relation to
their most appropriate terminology and classification.

Consequently, the current version of the International Classification of
Diseases (ICD-10) includes Fibromyalgia (Code M79.7) and there is no reason
for refusal of treatment in any Member State on the basis of a supposed non
existence of the disease as in the past.

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