Monday, December 13, 2004

Well, monday, monday again

Still no clue about what is going on with work, asked G to get in touch as the only contact has been to be cc'd in on a couple of emails...

Didnt manage to stay off the booze totally - one glass wine after the Xmas spectacular at the Orchards (pathos a gogo) two on Saturday with dinner, two at the Green Tree and two with dinner Sunday...Monday, Tuesday to go..

Mother is dearest is landing tomorrow - just a cup of tea and a biscuit will do...hmmmm

All the above done while feeling 100% premenstrual - headache, belly-ache & everything else ache plus the blues big style - but no show yet

P is quite excited about blood tests so fingers crossed Dr B is on the right track with pernicious anemia, it would be such a gift to have some spark back.


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