Thursday, December 02, 2004

Travel Industry News

Selection of the top travel industry news for and partners keeping up to date with this and the other blogs takes up a fair bit of time.

Am awaiting call or other communication as to what I am going to be doing in my work from now on....bit of stress to say the least especially as I let my paranoid parrot on my shoulder get me thinking that my job is in danger...for reasons other than ill health, stupid mind gaames in my head which don't help health at all. After rash etc was so bad yesterday it set me thinking that I have Lupus or something similar to tie togethr and give a plan of action for dealing with all the stupid ailments that keep dragging me down. I must remember to mention fibromyalgia and possibility of maybe seeing a rheumatologist or othe r specialist to confirm ( or not) Dr B's tentative diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Back to today: Food cravings are a bit stong and I succumbed and had a bacon bun - brown - but still the most bread I have eaten for ages. The idea of the syeak pudding in the cupboard is making my mouth water but I reckon that would be asking for trouble so lunch will probably be the rest of the runner beans...not quite as exciting but hey ho...

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