Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The H Factor: "The H Factor
The biggest health breakthrough of the century: Patrick Holford & Dr James Braly"

Following the advise of my osteopath I bought the above book - the changes to my diet after putting the two together may seem like a lot of effort and maybe expense but the improvement in my health and energy levels is nothing short of amazing....

  • No more "T" shirt of pain from the neck down, an awful sensation as if my whole upper torso was bruised, the gentlest touch, bra or handbag strap on my shoulder would be unbearable.

  • No more brain fog

  • Migraines down to very rare from 2 or more a week

  • Much less joint pain

  • No more hot sweats, especially no boiling head waking me up drenched in sweat through the night

  • Body clock reset so I more often than not now sleep through until the alarm goes off in the morning - what a change from waking every hour or two and unable to sleep from 4am on...

  • Weight stable at ~9st

  • Far less irritable bowel and other gastric problems

    Plus so many other improvments which often make me wonder how I put up with it all for soooo long.

    Bottom line - don't expect any magic cure from anywhere - take control of what you eat and drink ( plus step up that activity and exercise bit by bit) and see if like me you start to see changes.

    The web site Patrick Holford has loads of great articles and advice.

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