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This Morning | Health | Myalgic Encephalopathy ME 123 - ITV Lifestyle

This Morning | Health | Myalgic Encephalopathy ME 123 - ITV Lifestyle: "M.E
Vicky Shepherd, 23 has been battling with Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E) for over half her life.

Vicky believes the illness was triggered from when she had Glandular Fever when she was 11, but it took five years before Doctors came up with the diagnoses.

Vikki explains: 'At the time the doctors put my symptoms of contact migraine. stabbing pains in the head, flu symptoms, extreme fatigue and the fact I could only walk short distances.”

She adds: “I went from doctor to doctor, to a neurologist who couldn't see anything wrong, it wasn't until just after my 16th birthday when I finally go diagnosed.'

All types of people at all ages are affected. Severe fatigue, painful muscles and joints, disordered sleep, gastric disturbances, poor memory and concentration are commonplace in sufferers.

It is often see that viral infection can onset the disease. However, an accident or operations can also be a trigger, although some people experience a slow, insidious onset.

Unfortunately, there is no widely accepted cure and no universally effective treatment for M.E.

Doctor Charles Shepherd explains, 'We can prescribe the patient with some drugs which may help with symptoms, there's research in Amercia into an Anti-Viral drug at the moment, however as it stands, there is no cure.'

Association of Young People with ME

Vicky’s charity

I actually mailed in as follows:

Wonderful to see the medical mindset challenged and dignity given back to ME sufferers.

I am now 50 and the past 20 years have been a living hell overall with brief periods of ok health and energy. Only once have I been treated as a whole person by the medical profession instead I get treated for numerous conditions and symptoms as if they are all seperate.

These include depression, IBS, insomnia, recurring infections, joint and muscle pain and above all tiredness and lack of energy. I have no over-arching diagnosis, the closest being my GP saying, "oh, that sounds like fibromyalgia".

The effect on my life have been immense, I went from being top first year student across the whole of Durham University going on to gain a university scholarship for post graduate study to being a suicidal psychiatric in patient soon after a strange episode when my ankles and lower legs swelled, became painful and hot, diagnosed as a virus by my GP.

From then on life felt like wading through treacle...Better jump to now or I will never get this sent. Sofa bound today because yesterday I thought I felt well enough to emulsion a small wall. By last night I was hurting all over, foggy brained and totally exhausted. This morning I feel as if I am starting with flu - this sequence happens if I ever over do it...any help and advice most welcome and the article today helps me feel a little less alone.

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