Friday, April 14, 2006

Catch up time...tired of being tired racing today so time to tackle my bulging inbox. However hard I try to keep on top of posting about my life journey with fibromyalgia and about related news and research into relted topics like chronic fatigue syndrome or ME I always seem to be too tired or have no today I will try to round up the most important articles...

Lifestyle maybe accounts for some percentage of cases of chronic fatigue but I doubt if it explains all cases adequately..Naples Sun Times - Local News - 04/11/2006 - I'm so tired of being tired: "I'm not surprised that symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome are more often found in women ages 20 to 50, who have full-time jobs besides being housewives.
What do you say: Is something wrong with our bodies or something wrong with the way we're living?"

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