Monday, November 24, 2003

Wired News: Man Arrested Over 'Spam Rage': "SAN FRANCISCO -- Call it spam rage -- a Silicon Valley computer programmer has been arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of the company he blames for bombarding his computer with Web ads promising to enlarge his penis.
In one of the first prosecutions of its kind in the state that made 'road rage' famous, Charles Booker, 44, was arrested on Thursday and released on a $75,000 bond for making repeated threats to staff of an unnamed Canadian company between May and July, the U.S. Attorney's office for Northern California said on Friday."

Barefoot Doctor Bit: How Should You Handle a Jealous Rival?
Barefoot WARNING
Barefoot Doctor: "The first thing is not to take it personally, the jealousy is their business, not yours and it's the best they can do, given their current stage of evolution, so view them with compassion.

You should also be flattered that someone admires you so much they're envious. In reality, they would much rather celebrate your good fortune with you but just don't have the right mindset, so the best approach is to educate them by example.

Go on the offensive but in a loving way, telling them what you admire about them. You should always choose something significant- there is always something.

In other words, respond to their negative energy with love, by spending time visualising them basking in your love. Within three days you should notice some sort of positive quantum shift in the dynamic between you both."

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