Saturday, November 29, 2003

The paranoids dream, v big bro!
Slashdot | Laptop Thief Caught via AOL Login: "the FBI has caught the guy who stole computers from Wells Fargo. The interesting part is that 'Investigators traced the computer to Krastof when he logged onto his own America Online account at home through one of the stolen computers.' Makes you wonder what sort of hooks the FBI has into AOL or other ISPs and what hardware identification is being transmitted at login.' "

Saturday again & it has been a long week - Harrys b'day (twice) preceeded by fri on vodka & karaoke the Susie's b'day dinner which also gave me a sore head.

Reckon beer tastes funny cos water should not be left standing in the filter jug.. or maybe its the filter...?????

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