Saturday, October 04, 2003

The man:Barefoot Doctor Bit: Do Age Gaps in Romances Matter?

Barefoot Doctor: "Age gaps matter as much or as little as any of the other differences between two people matter. There may be cultural differences between you (age related or otherwise) which give rise to insecurity or dissatisfaction for sure but then dissatisfaction is an essential part of the human condition. Perhaps you'll have varying sex-drive levels, but this can apply no matter what the age difference.

In many ways a big age gap can enhance rather than diminish the connection, perhaps because there's generally less competitiveness between you, or perhaps because it reminds you that physical form is only physical form and it's your souls that meet regardless of how old or young your bodies and personalities are.

When the force of destiny, fate, the stars, cause and effect or whatever you call it, brings you together with someone you'll be together and when the force moves you apart, you move apart; all other considerations regarding age gaps or any other interpersonal differences, are merely a play in the mind."

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