Thursday, November 29, 2012

A fabulous description of the way we have to count energy, and the ways our senses over-react to all sorts of stimuli. Thank you. I’ve have not been quite as incapacitated but have been very very close and still have to count my 2spoons" very carefully. "If you’re a healthy person, how many things do you think you do per day? Your to-do list at work might have a half-dozen things on it, but I’m talking about more than that. Maybe you run a few errands after work and do some housework when you get home, and you think that brings it up to an even dozen? What if I told you you do a thousand things per day? I say that to demonstrate my perspective as someone with ME/CFS. The difference between what you can manage and what I can manage is enormous, and it’s likely that you and I see our possible energy expenditures in an entirely different way. Those thousand things include actions you never think of, things you’re hardly aware of – things that you would never think of as taking energy, because to you they take such a negligible amount. But they would would be enormous against my tiny supply. And in comparison, how many things would you guess I do? Well, I’d say I’m up to a hundred now, maybe more depending on the day, but at my sickest, I’ve gotten down to as few as a dozen......"

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