Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Looking back it seems that my GP mentioned that my pains seemed like fibromyalgia late 2003 early 2004 ....must try to find out when she first prescribed me nortryptaline for sleep the accompanying disorder, she consulted rheumatologist at the local hospital about that so I would hope it his somewhere in my notes....reason for my concern...today she denied having diagnosed me with either fibromyalgis or ME...floored and baffled...

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Dr. Steven Yen said...

Wow! Keep us updated on the results... Sorry this is such a crazy journey for you!
If you do find out that it is Fibro and you need tips/support, feel free to check out http://naturalfibromyalgiatreatments.com/ and let me know if there's anything more you'd like to learn about it.