Thursday, September 10, 2009

Symptoms then and now - dairy free

Going dairy free over 10 years ago was a turning point for me, before that I was sick every day went to the toilet about 10 tines a day with the runs, was under 8 stone and too tired to hold a hairdryer or climb the stairs plus awful joint and muscle pain, migraines, real trouble thinking and remembering, recurring infections etc etc

The terrible gastric problems improved but I have to be careful, I avoid additives and processed foods, eat very little bread, pastry etc..

Along the way my GP consulted the rheumatology specialist & prescibed nortryptaline which helped me sleep much better.

I have to say if your wife gets a diagnosis of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome it is hard to live with as it is mainly considered to be "MUPS" or medically unexplained symptoms and symptoms will probably be treated one by one rather than as part of one syndrome unless she is very very lucky and has a GP who "believes"...

I still have to pace myself very carefully or I wake up feeling like I have swine flu times 10. In fact I am still suffering today from just the extra 1/2 hour picking sloes

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