Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'd rather have cancer, says Alex Wilson-Glab | National News |

I'd rather have cancer, says Alex Wilson-Glab | National News | "Alex has muscle pain, fevers, chills, nausea, severe fatigue and can barely walk from bed to the bathroom.

Alex wants to raise awareness about CFS, which was once known as the 'yuppie flu', saying it is a recognised medical condition and not a psychological disorder.

Alex, who sometimes needs a wheelchair, said one person had died from CFS in Australia and she fears she will be next. 'I don't think I will ever recover completely. It would be better to die because people would listen,' she said.

Aspiring lawyer Alex is doing one VCE subject at Lowther Hall but is so sick she can't attend school.

She will be admitted to the Royal Children's Hospital on Monday for monitoring.

Her mother Jeannie, 56, said the VCAA was refusing to give Alex extra time for her VCE exams. She was furious the medical world didn't recognise the severity of CFS.

'All the goals she has had all her life have been taken away from her,' Mrs Wilson-Glab said. 'Her teenage years have been taken away from her.'

She said they remained positive and the family encouraged Alex to achieve everything she wanted in life."

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