Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Judicial Review NICE Guideline for CFS/ME London UK February

How to help:

On February the 11th & 12th, there will be a Judicial Review into
the NICE Guideline for CFS/ME at the High Court in London

It's only a month until then!

I've had a lot of emails from people asking what they can do to help.
Here are some ideas.

Come to court for one or both of the days. Turning up for the
judicial review will make a difference.

* Have you contacted your local group leader to see if other
people are going? It may be possible to get a ride to London from
other people in your support group.

* Why not hire a mini-bus or people carrier for one or both of
the days and organise people from your area?

* Have you checked to see if there are any cheap rail fares to
London for one or both days?

* Have you booked a hotel for a night or two?

* Can you offer a seat to someone else from your area? Contact
your local group and see who would like to come with London with you.

Information on transport, parking and hotels around the Royal Courts
of Justice and Hotels can be found in this website


(look on the right hand column under "Hotels and Parking")

If you cannot get to the hearing why not help your local group
organise transport, parking or accommodation for those who need it.

* You could also consider making a donation to send other people.

* Do you have a family member who could attend the court to
represent you? If they need to ask for leave (from work) they may
need to do so now. Even if they can "only" come to the court for a
morning or an afternoon it will help.

* Can you offer a bed for the night for people travelling to London

* Can you act as a Steward on one of the days (to help people
find their way who are coming to the court)

Please do not hesitate to contact me on this address if you can help
out at all. We really do need all the help we can get to make this a success.


Kindest regards to all from,

Annette Barclay

(unofficial Supporter of the Judicial Review)

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