Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fibromyalgia and IBS flare up

Irritible bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia often go hand in hand.

My IBS was diagnosed almost 30 years ago, I finally got it under some kind of control just over 10 years ago after a perod when my entire digestive tract was inflamed mouth to anus.

At that time I was being sick every day with atrocious diahreha, various investigations - colonoscopy, gastroscopy, barium push through etc showed the inflammation and the fastest push through my consultant had ever seen! It became patently obvious at this time that anything with dairy products in made the sickness and diarhea 100 times worst.

I took some advice and eliminated dairy as much as is possible, the black circles round my eyes cleared within weeks! The digestive problems took longer but settled to an almost tolerable level for a few years with a fair few flare ups along the way. I take mebeverine daily plus lopermide when needed although I try to avoid the later if I dont need to go out of the house as bunging my bowels up knocks them further out of control in the long run.

Now, however, despite being dairy free, eating no processed foods etc my bowel symptoms are out of control with diet and meds seemingly ineffective. Basically I never know if I am going to wake up and have a day of feeling I need to go and open my bowels and only pass mini pellets with a lot of effort or suffer explosive diarhea - either way I have pain and disruption to any sort of normal life....

So today I start purging for a colonoscopy tomorrow and it is not much fun at all. A very limited diet was started yesterday and 4 senna taken 10pm, which have not worked yet but yesterday was a "pellet" day. My last solida are allowed at 1pm, 24 hours before my examination, and at 2pm I take the first picolax which works something like putting caustic soda and boiling water down a blocked drain, boy does that stuff make you go! A second picolax later should keep me on the bog most of the day so I hope I won't have time or energy to feel hungry. Clear fluids only until 11am Friday then off to hospital for an enema, they sure make sure you are clean inside, and the colonoscopy..

Results to follow

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