Sunday, October 01, 2006

IBS and Chronic Fatigue

CO-CURE Archives -- September 2006, week 5 (#17)

Very interesting especially as irritable bowel is one of my most longstanding problems - improved by dairy free diet and after a course of mega antibiotics (metronidazole I think) plus another stomach ulcer drug whose name eludes me treat my gut which was inflamed mouth to bottom.....

"The relationship established between irritable
bowel and the serum IgA to enterobacteria suggests that
irritable bowel in CFS reflects in part disorders in gut-intestinal
permeability rather than psychological stress as most
psychiatrists tend to confirm.

Interestingly, the intestinal barrier may be compromised by
factors which are known to trigger CFS, e.g. psychological
stress (Meddings and Swain, 2000); sustained strenuous
exercise (Davis et al., 2005); food allergies (Andre et al., 1987),
surgery and trauma (Pape et al., 1994), but also inflammation.....

...The results show that enterobacteria are involved in the etiology of CFS
and that an increased gutintestinal permeability has caused an immune
response to the LPS of gram-negative enterobacteria. It is suggested that
all patients with CFS should be checked by means of the IgA panel used in
the present study and accordingly should be treated for increased gut

Keywords: Chronic fatigue syndrome; Inflammation; Immunity; Autoimmune;
IgA; Enterobacteria; Gut permeability; Oxidative stress; Leaky gut"

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