Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ME Awareness Week pembrokeshiretv.com

pembrokeshiretv.com - News, Sport, Information and Entertainment: "ME Awareness Week began yesterday. "

How very apt as today I am very aware of just how knackered I still am - mum came to visit and I made spanish omelette and salad plus we went to the garden center for a bag of multi purpose compost and some composting stuff to speed up my new compster...and I am absolutly bushed, banging headache and struggling to hold a sensible conversation as at least half the words I want elude me - when I can put together a cohenrent thought or two...

One interesting point iss this re W.H.O that ME is now officially a neurological illness... " This tiredness is very different from normal tiredness. Normal tiredness is relieved by rest, but tiredness felt by ME sufferers is not. It is incredibly debilitating.

“Simple mental or physical tasks can leave ME sufferers feeling shattered or struggling to function. The simplest everyday tasks that used to be easy are very difficult, even impossible.”

The illness is recognised by the UK government but there is currently no government funded research into it. It is classified as a neurological illness by the World Health Organisation."

I am still pissed with myself for not just giving the neurologist my prepared description of my symptoms with a rough chronology and letting him dominate and intimidate me a little so I did not stress my full range of symptoms especially the tiredness and pain....not that there is much that can be done....off for a rest and to contemplate tackling getting the composter into place...

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