Thursday, March 09, 2006

Two Studies Find Gray Matter Reduction in CFS Patients

When I get "brain fog" I certailny feel as if my brain has shrunk!

Two Studies Find Gray Matter Reduction in CFS Patients: "Cognitive difficulties are found in 85-95% of CFS patients. Now, cutting-edge research from two independent international groups suggests that the volume of gray matter in the brain is significantly decreased in CFS. This decrease in brain tissue, or cerebral atrophy, may be responsible for cognitive problems in some people with CFS...

Although we don't know if the observed cerbral atrophy is a cause of CFS or a consequence, these findings are alarming some members of the CFS patient community, who are concerned about "brain damage." It's important to note that the studies are small and need to be replicated by other researchers before definite conclusions can be made."

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Em said...

It's so hard to create control groups in these studiest, and perfectly control groups only come in computerized forms, or perhaps fruit flies.. lol.
The thing with CFS patients and FMS patients, is that we're so packed with stress and anxiety (and so many of us have hyperphobia due to too much pain) - and all of these things have been already found to reduce grey matter.

Next, I'd wonder if this is an evolutionary technique to get rid of the root of CFS/FMS problems by the body. It's trying to figure out what is causing all this symptomology.. perhaps it finds grey matter to be the culprit, or at least brain matter in general. I know I'd totally get a lobe taken out if it meant I wouldn't be stressed or fatigued or in pain the rest of my life ;)

Lastly, I would add that I'm nothing scientifically educted, and creatures such as I just work on experience and speculation ;) thanks for the article, I always have an eye on your page! Good work!