Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blood test day...still on the wagon

Been feeling shitty, v v tired, so much so that have had to have various naps. Just hope I can keep it together to finish getting ready for flying off on Saturday.

Shoulder pain in particular is ferocious, back on full diclofenac and co-prox. Dr M could not find a specific spot to inject so that appointment was a dead end road, advised to call physio direct by GP, they were very attentive but advise boiled down to do as little as possible with that arm, do neck exercises as it may be refferred pain from neck and keep taking the tablets. Talked about problems aches cause with trying to exercise to get stronger and she advised walking and cycling plus maybe closed session aqua exercise.

Went to see GP as mood has also been low - advice - maybe up anti depressents after holidays - everyone seems to be pinning hopes on the holiday turning me around and making me work fit.

Bloods today - asked GP about possibility of tests for sticky blood/ Hughes Syndrome and menopause. Too soon for both, the latter because of coil ( 4 years in now....) - needs 2 years without to test conclusivly, the latter - "too soon". If tests are still abnormal she will have to refer me, but would not be drawn as to what referal could reveal.

Anyway, busy day ahead...

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