Saturday, April 17, 2004

So, long time since I opened this blog, easter, Olgas death, fibromyagelia, Susie back to Zante --- eventful but not fruitful re work despite launch being immineneent throughout - rather like the sword of damocles...

The Novel as Software |
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LukePieStalker writes "Former English professor Eric Brown has published
the first work in what he claims is a new literary category called the
[0]'digital epistolary novel', or DEN. 'Intimacies', based on an 18th
century novel, requires the DEN 1.2 software. The program's interface has
windows for mock e-mail, instant messaging, Web browser and pager,
through which the narrative unfolds. For those wishing to create their
own works in [1]this genre, Mr. Brown is marketing composition software
called DEN WriterWare."

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