Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Rapid Responses for Santhouse et al., 340 (feb11_1) 738 Rapid Responses for Santhouse et al., 340 (feb11_1) 738

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 15 February 2010

John K Johnson,
Consultant Biochemist

"The air of defeatism that exists within the medical profession about these
conditions is understandable as there is no known cause, no diagnostic test,
and no satisfactory treatment. There is little dedicated specialist
provision or even recognition of which hospital department should deal with
referrals. No NICE guideline exists for fibromyalgia and there have been few
articles in the BMJ or BMA Learning over the past ten years so research must
be limited. On the other hand, claims for treatment leading to miracle cures
can be found on the internet and in alternative medicine catalogues, all
unsubstantiated by clinical trials.

Perhaps the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence can be
persuaded to review this situation and initiate research to show sufferers
that they are not forgotten."