Monday, March 20, 2006

The Model of the Myth? - Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams - 17th March 2006

This is the debate surrounding anti-psychiatry re CFS and related conditions that I want to be fluent in for my appointment next month with the neurologist...The Model of the Myth? - Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams - 17th March 2006: "In �The myth of the biopsychosocial model�, N McLaren exposes once and for all the myth upon which the so-called �biopsychosocial� model of illness so favoured by Wessely School psychiatrists depends (Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, March 2006:40:277)."

Notable quotes:

"“What we see is that, rather than trying to improve their skills in the area of supposed expertise, some (psychiatrists) are increasingly encroaching upon and appropriating physical illnesses, among them CFS/ME, in which they have no expertise.

“Some psychiatrists act as if the large body of evidence of the physical abnormalities in CFS/ME did not exist and pass the illness off as some kind of belief disorder.

“Psychiatry is replete with examples of the abandonment of humanity, ethics and common sense.

“Why should psychiatrists’ self-generated aura of infallibility in judging the human condition be accepted? Where is the evidence to back up this claim?

“While you have such an excellent opportunity, I’d like you to ask the psychiatrists how they propose to treat ME/CFS phenomena such as low blood volume, cardiac insufficiency, lack of perfusion to areas of the brain, various immune and neurological abnormalities, channelopathy, Low Molecular Weight RNaseL, many deficiencies eg. of potassium, infections with mycoplasma and viruses, to name a few. As you would know, there is well-researched evidence for all of these and more. How do psychiatrists address these serious problems? How do they manage to ignore the evidence for them and to prescribe treatments which are contraindicated? Is this ethical?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring update

It feels like spring now as the first daffodil has just opened - worth that week and a half sat on the ground most of the time to put the bulbs in last autumn. I even managed a short wander round the garden and tidied up some dead bits to let the new growth get the weak sun.

I have decided to cut alcohol out altogether again at least until my appointment with the neurologist.

I really must get my blogging of all the recent research and debate up to date as I will be very interested in their opinion re fibromyalgia and the controversy between psychiatrists and other medical professional. Lets hope I have my brain with me on the day!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Two Studies Find Gray Matter Reduction in CFS Patients

When I get "brain fog" I certailny feel as if my brain has shrunk!

Two Studies Find Gray Matter Reduction in CFS Patients: "Cognitive difficulties are found in 85-95% of CFS patients. Now, cutting-edge research from two independent international groups suggests that the volume of gray matter in the brain is significantly decreased in CFS. This decrease in brain tissue, or cerebral atrophy, may be responsible for cognitive problems in some people with CFS...

Although we don't know if the observed cerbral atrophy is a cause of CFS or a consequence, these findings are alarming some members of the CFS patient community, who are concerned about "brain damage." It's important to note that the studies are small and need to be replicated by other researchers before definite conclusions can be made."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Recent Fibromyalgia research Findings

Interesting re neurological involvment, I wonder what the neurologist I am to see next month will have to say....Recent Fibromyalgia Findings: "Although there are some immunological aberrations in FM, including a decreased number of natural killer cells, most researchers now believe that the illness is not an immune system disorder. �Essentially, there is nothing specifically immunological in fibromyalgia � and if there is, whatever little there is, I think it is secondary to the central nervous system problem that fibromyalgia patients have,� says Dr. Muhammad Yunas. �It�s a chronic, neurologic disease....

Recent investigations found multiple triggers for this amped-up response to pain. For instance, FM patients have three to four times higher levels than normal of substance P, a central nervous system neurotransmitter involved in pain processing. Researchers also found lower levels of substances that diminish pain sensation, such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine "

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cytomegalovirus and fibromyalgia

Been to hospital for follow up appointment for my baby after the removal of a lymph gland last December. She has been discharged and the Dr reckons it was due to a viral infection - Cytomegalovirus. Appears to be associated with fibromyalgia frequently going by the number of searches returned in Google for cytomegalovirus AND fibromyalgia but that is hardly a surprise if 50% of the population carry the virus. Good news though..

I am still waiting for an appointment with a neurologist - seems I am non-urgent so it may be anything up to 13 weeks before I see anyone...meanwhile I am still wiped out and get over tired so easily despite now sleeping much better.

Caught Sleeping: Study Captures Cytomegalovirus Dormant in Human Cells (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia News): "Cytomegalovirus, hidden in most people, begins to give up secrets of its stealth. Princeton scientists have taken an important step toward understanding this virus that infects and lies dormant in most people, but emerges as a serious illness in transplant patients, some newborns and other people with weakened immune systems - including those who suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia. "