Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Prizes and laxatives

Well, now then, Senokot have a seasonal raffle with the top prize being a nutritionist consultation... Senokot Raffle "Win a personal health check with a qualified nutritional therapist £500 towards a course of consultations, supplements and diagnostic tests with a BANT registered nutritional therapist in your local area "

Yup, I have been rabbit dropping constipated on and off ( more on the pot with zero results) but thats probably more than enough info...My preferred remedy when totaly needed is Andrews which does not not trigger the IB spasms plus loads more fruit and veg.

The past week in particular and past couple of months have seen the rise of a new pain...bottom of rib cage on right hand back. Last Friday it reached a new crescendo of exquisite torture and succumbed to going to see Dr B again ( tried Dr Myers about a month ago with no joy, he didnt seem too impressed by Drs B's suggested diagnosis of fibro...) Anyway, blood and urine tests taken and awaiting an appointment for a scan. Also visited Osteopath but did not get same relief as from first visit for left rib cage. He said he could not find stuck ribs like on the left but did feel the constipation...

Time and tests may tell but this in particular has caused problems at home with Partner getting very angry with me and it all getting me down. I thought I had made such good progress towards health earlier this year so this has hit pretty hard. The pressure to not be ill because of the work situation and P being angry def does not help...