Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Words About Words
We step into the future with less connection to ancestral guidance than any human generation before us. Although we have invented amazing technologies for saving data, we are at risk of forgetting our personal, family and cultural stories. We broadcast our voices over vast distances, but talk less to our neighbours. Haunting these changes are the spectres of continuing violence, planetary degradation and, above all, the danger that we'll come to believe the implacable message of the powerful: that resistance is futile. The old stories teach us that resistance is never futile.--Dan Yashinsky, American-born storyteller and writer, _Suddenly They Heard Footsteps_, 2004

Saturday, April 17, 2004

So, long time since I opened this blog, easter, Olgas death, fibromyagelia, Susie back to Zante --- eventful but not fruitful re work despite launch being immineneent throughout - rather like the sword of damocles...

The Novel as Software |
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LukePieStalker writes "Former English professor Eric Brown has published
the first work in what he claims is a new literary category called the
[0]'digital epistolary novel', or DEN. 'Intimacies', based on an 18th
century novel, requires the DEN 1.2 software. The program's interface has
windows for mock e-mail, instant messaging, Web browser and pager,
through which the narrative unfolds. For those wishing to create their
own works in [1]this genre, Mr. Brown is marketing composition software
called DEN WriterWare."